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What to do with hole in ground after stump removal

By February 1, 2020 No Comments

One of the most common questions we get asked at Piedmont Stump Removal is,

“Once the mulch is removed, what can you do with the hole in the ground?”





There’s basically a limitless number of options, but the most obvious answer would be to bring in some top soil and replant something there.

Some examples of how to take advantage of the excavated area are:

1. Plant a small flower garden or vegetable garden

    • Add a bit of topsoil, some potting mix and a handful of fertilizer, and you have the ideal environment for excellent flower or vegetable growth.


2. Re-grade the area and plant grass or install sod

    • This option is slightly higher-maintenance and typically requires the help of a landscaper or yard tech. By lightly re-grading the area, you’ll be able to create a grass patch that blends in seamlessly with the rest of your yard.


3. Create an outdoor sandbox for the kids/grandkids

    • One of the more interesting (and creative) solutions we’ve seen was a grandmother that made a sandbox for her grandchildren. After the stump grinding and mulch removal, she filled the hole with sand and a small bucket. Her grandkids were able to have a ‘day at the beach’ without leaving the house!

“It was a huge hit all summer long and the grandkids absolutely loved it!”



Bottom line is, no matter the size of the hole, with a little creativity and direction you’ll be able to take another step in the right direction of creating the yard of your dreams!

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