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At Piedmont Stump Grinding and Removal, we pride ourselves on hard work, professionalism, and great service. Although we’re based in Athens, Georgia, we serve all surrounding counties– including Clarke, Oconee, Barrow, Jackson, Madison, and Oglethorpe.

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Contact us before 10am on any regular business day, and we guarantee to complete your stump grinding job the same day!

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Stump grinding

this service involves grinding the stump all the way down to the bottom of the root ball, approximately 6-10 inches below the grade. Mulch is left in a pile where the stump was.

Mulch removal

ground up stump mulch can be removed and hauled off, leaving a hole in the ground where topsoil or other plants can be placed.

Topsoil replacement

involves the previous 2 services, but topsoil is left in the hole where the stump was originally.

Root ball removal

if grinding is not viable option, a mini excavator can be brought in to dig the stump up. Top soil restoration is additionally offered.


  • review rating 5  Five star service from start to finish! Andrew is polite, professional and prompt. He did an excellent job with grinding the stump and roots and cleaned everything up after finishing, including the mud on the road. Highly recommend!!

    thumb Susan Allen

    review rating 5  I highly recommend Piedmont Stump removal. When I contacted Andrew, he came out to look at the job the same day. He quickly scheduled a time to do the work, and arrived promptly when scheduled. He did everything that he had promised to do, and left my yard looking great! I appreciated the care he took with my existing landscaping while removing my stumps. I would definitely use him again if I ever need more stumps ground. This company is definitely trustworthy and professional.

    thumb Kristy McManus

    review rating 5  Andrew did a great job at my house. I had a hard to get to stump on an embankment right on the property line of my neighbor. The first stump grinder I hired only got half of the stump because of the access difficulty. Andrew took care of the stump then cleaned up my yard and my neighbor's yard. I highly recommend Piedmont Stump Removal!

    thumb Barth Jackson
  • review rating 5  Andrew removed several stumps for me. He gave a very fair price and did an excellent job. Left the yard very clean and even blew off the driveway. I will definitely be using him in the future and highly recommend him to anyone.

    thumb Chris Deans

    review rating 5  Andrew was very professional and is very thorough. He even cleaned up everything after he was done. He did 6 stumps for us and it looked 100% better!

    thumb Greg Blankenship

    review rating 5  Andrew was great. His equipment does a nice job and doesn’t tear up your yard or leave a mess. Andrew is very professional and responsive. His prices are very reasonable as well.

    thumb Lisa Ellis
  • review rating 5  Did very good work for a good price. I nice guy to do business with. thanks

    thumb howell sharpe

    review rating 5  Fast estimate, reasonable time starting, and completing job. Personable service, pleasant attitude, and professionalism make this company easy to work with. Recommended.

    thumb JL Green

    review rating 5  It's hard to find honest, dependable contractors who do what they say they're going to do, show up when they say they will show up, and charge you a fair price. Andrew did all of that and then some. I'm very happy with my experience working with him and would recommend him to anyone and will definitely be calling him again.

    thumb Curt Kopacek

Before & After Stump Grinding

Before and After Stump Grinding with Vermeer Before and After Stump Grinding with Vermeer 2

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after the stump is gone?

This all depends on the location of the stump, and what condition the area was left in. If none of the mulch was removed and the area isn’t able to be mowed for a year or more after the grinding was completed, then you may see some small offshoots in the area. If there was mulch removed and topsoil brought in with sod or grass installed, then any small offshoots will be clipped by the lawnmower before they become large enough to standout. For stumps that were ground in wooded areas, a regular round of weed killer or weed pulling will prevent any offshoots from becoming too large to manage.

Is digging around the stump before grinding a good idea?

Not necessarily, but it often drives up the cost of the service with no real benefit to the customer. Occasionally it may be necessary to expose portions of the stump flare to check for poorly buried utilities, or sometimes chunks of rocks or old metal.

How deep should the stump be ground?

That all depends on what you intend to do with the space. A stump in a field that gets bush-hogged once a year will probably be ok just 1-2 inches below grade. If sod is being installed (after mulch removal and topsoil is brought in) it’s probably best to go 5-6 inches deep. If any kind of tree is being planted in the same location, it is recommended that the whole rootball is removed with a mini excavator.

Is the mulch good for anything?

Absolutely – fresh ground mulch is incredibly nutritional for your shrubs, garden, or plants. Be mindful that since it’s smaller mulch than what you would buy commercially, it will not last as long as pre-bagged or professionally ground mulch.

What equipment will you use for stump grinding?

After much deliberation, we decided on the investing in the Vermeer SC552 for it’s ability to grind through the toughest of stumps, as well as it’s maneuverability in crowded areas of our customers’ yards. Stump grinding is literally what this beast was built for.

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