How much does it cost to get a stump ground in Athens, Georgia?

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How much does it cost to grind a stump in Athens, Ga? There are many variables that contribute to the cost of stump grinding, but the most obvious is the size. The largest stump that Piedmont Stump Removal has ground was the size of a small car! It was over $1000 and took all day! We have also ground tiny bushes as part of larger projects. Another factor that determines the price is what the homeowner intends to do with the area after the stump is gone. A deeper grind and mulch removal is required if something is going to be planted soon, and that adds quite a bit of time and labor. Something else to consider is how accessible is the stump? Is it in an open area in the front yard, or is it tucked way back in the back yard with a narrow gate to go through? All things considered, most stumps cost anywhere from $200-$750 to correctly and thoroughly grind, including complete cleanup. Call us today for a free stump grinding quote!

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